The Inner Wealth Code is all about looking at wealth from the inside out.

Rather than constantly seeking wealth from the external world to make us happy, safe and wealthy, this book invites you to go on the journey to find your inner value, your infinite riches and wealth within, so that you can start to see your wealth mirrored in the external world.

2020 showed us there is nothing more certain than change. This can create a lot of uncertainty around job security, financial security and identity crisis of who would we be without all of these things?

This book will take you through seven keys to tune you back into who you are and who you want to be in the world.  It’s about finding your unique expression, your innate gifts and talents and integrating them into your life and business.

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Kirsten Barfoot is an Australian-based Transformational Speaker, Guide and Author.  As a person who had to find her own inner value and riches, she supports people to integrate their hidden gifts and talents into their life and business.

She utilises her Crowning Glory Method to access the void, the place of Pure Potential, to facilitate profound shifts for people. 

Kirsten works privately with clients as well as in workshop environments.  She is also a Keynote Speaker on many topics relating to people tuning into their own inner wisdom to find the magic in their lives.

Kirsten works with successful and accomplished business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to experience more connection, love, joy and magnetism in their vision for the future.

She has been published in Thrive Global and featured in Business Insider.

Gratitude for The Inner Wealth Code

“Brilliant!  Transformational!  A true gem!  This book came to me at the most opportune time.  It has unlocked something in me that’s propelled me into massive aligned action.  I’ve been unstoppable ever since.  Eternally grateful for this gift!”

~ Mélanie Belanger

“Kirsten’s manuscript could not have landed in my inbox at a more perfect time. I would say it is less coincidence and more about divine timing.

I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck, frustrated, and unsure what to do next. I could see the end goal but was not sure of the journey I needed to take.  The keys that Kirsten describes in the book provided me the steps I needed to action to get to my end goal.  Kirsten suggests that you begin at the end – to start the journey of change from a place of already having achieved it, and to focus on one step at a time.  Do not worry about the whole staircase for now.


The practical tools are a great resource to refer to when life gets a bit off kilter.  I love the handbook style in which the book is written. The to-the-point, easy-to-read structure makes this less overwhelming, and an easy afternoon read.

Thank you for putting your real-life experience and heart into this book Kirsten.  May all those who read it appreciate your honesty.”

~ Emma Weaver

“Easy to read and relatable.  I’m a big fan of the questions as a post-read exercise.  It’s easy to read the words but it is the actions that lead to the embodiment of the wisdom.  I can feel the vibration of the book’s content.  Powerful read for anyone, at any stage, on their path to self-illumination.”

~ Shannon Pomeroy

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